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Blog - Sowing SeedsRamblings Number 1.

Disclaimer; I will attempt to get through this without any mention of Lord Voldemort or Covid19 from here on in. But if I appear to, soz.

Also, my musings are intended as “for your perusal” rather than preachy “life hacks” which can get boring and usually state the bleedin’ obvious.

Any road up as like....

Thank God the weather is nice. I have managed to get a teeny weeny little greenhouse from Aldi and have some vegetable seeds to plant up, largely because it returns a little bit of control to me. I feel like I am doing something productive and nurturing. Indeed, I’m fancying myself as Barbara Goode (showing my age now, Google will serve the under 50’s) I’m taking out the plants in the garden which were hogging too much space for too little return, and I plan to firstly get a grip of the ground elder, then put up some wigwams for dwarf french beans and broad beans.

I have seed potatoes and carrots, and I’ve already got some salad leaves on the go - you can get these splendid little seed mats which is basically 2-ply tissue impregnated with seeds (yeah, I know what you’re thinking but think it through - what happens if the seeds germinate in your nooks and crannies?)

And then there’s radishes. They are an absolute synch to grow, so if I bung some seeds in now, they will be up and at it in 4 weeks (apparently).

I helped my mates Spencer and Martin at @trans2performance put on a Resilience Masterclass back in November. I remember talking about planting trees, figuratively speaking. I had heard a story that the avenue towards the Palace of Versailles was lined with oak trees so that, in such case that the Notre Dame ever burned down, these might be felled to help rebuild it. Now, I’m not sure that this has been the case, but I love the notion. We can plant and nurture “trees” ourselves for our own lives, can’t we? (relationships, skill sets, feeding our curiosity, learning to trust our gut, looking after our bodies, making our homes work for us, paying things forward in general). In case of catastrophe, where is our sanity going to come from? Where are our resources? Furthermore, is there such a thing as a bog roll tree?

And - what better time to start than now? Now most of us suddenly have some space and time to do a life inventory. This might be a pen and paper job, or maybe go for a walk and use the dictaphone on the mobile to capture any brilliant ideas that fall out of your head as you stomp along.

But seeds of ideas are living in your head right now, waiting to fall on fertile ground - and if we give ourselves the space to FEEL then trust what we discover, amazing things can grow from what looks like a catastrophe. We need to read the ground, appreciate the conditions and have realistic expectations that some seedlings will be lost to slugs. But slugs feed birds and birds are good for the garden. Furthermore, the more we learn how to use the “trees” we have grown from seed along the way, the more faith we develop in our own ability, not only to adapt and survive, but to flourish. It’s exciting just how resourceful humans can be.

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