Imperfection is Sexy

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Blog - Imperfection is SexyRamblings Number 2.

The tendency to perfectionism seems to be such a common trait in people that come to me for coaching. It disguises itself as something good, but if you let it dominate the way you operate, it steals your time, energy and sense of humour. Not fun, not productive and certainly not sexy.

I reckon the solution to allowing yourself to deliver “adequately imperfect” boils down to trust and faith. The old “am I good enough?” question. Well, yes you are. You have all of you to give. You know which bits of you work best. Which bits are brilliant. Don’t worry about the shitty bits; let someone help you with those. Back yourself up, have faith, trust yourself.   And remember - imperfection is far more badass and appealing than perfection (honestly? No one cares how much you’ve polished it. Have a word with yourself...)

If you are a leader or manager, then trust others to do the same once you have lead the way. Make sure you communicate (don’t just send!! Listen twice as much) Allow others to shine for you... and for themselves, in their own way and work with that. The results can be astonishing. Trust and faith.

Refrain from over-engineering; it’s boring and predictable and the results are impinged by the limits of your own imagination. Being imperfect allows us to live humbly and reminds us that there is always something bigger in charge of proceedings.

Allow the universe to deliver something spectacular, but remember to give it a little help by knowing how you want to feel about the outcome and have a rough (but not too specific) idea about what you want. Go about your work with enthusiasm and curiosity, do the work (not overwork) and allow others to add what they have to give. Then, press the “fuck it, that’ll do” button and relax about the outcome. Fine tune once the results are in and repeat as necessary.

You’re going to have far more time and energy to enjoy being sexy.

Ps I’ve just read this back and it’s a bit preachy. Soz. But hopefully useful, nonetheless. Stay safe x

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  1. Spencer Locker

    Preach baby, PREACH! ;) Seriously, enjoyed that Liz, reminded me of our 'puttin' the world to rights' chats in various parts of the world. You should do these as Podcasts as i can hear your vouce in my head as i read it. Thanks, yeah, enjoyed it. X

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  2. Martin Godfrey

    So true Liz. However, when punching above ones weight in business especially, I found I had to be perfect to not look out of my depth. Your right, no doubt, but in the moment, there?s not always choice? Not preachy at all, good advice!

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  3. Geoff Frewin

    Thanks Liz totally agree about ?good enough? we are sometimes need this little nudge to remind us .. will share ! Thanks x

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  4. Vicki

    Not at all preaching. Love the vibe. Trying for perfection can raise so many barriers. Hey, I'm having the F.... it quote printed on a tee shirt xxx Brilliant Liz. Can you do something on fear of failure or fear of success xx

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