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Blog - Make like a TreeAutumn is most definitely here; the trees have been beautiful this year. As the colours change and leaves flutter to the ground at the slightest provocation of the breeze, the strength and skeletal beauty of the trees reveals itself. Once disrobed, those naked structures appear to stop growing whilst passively facing the Winter, unprotected. 

But there’s nothing passive about it. Those trees are organised. The leaves have completed their Summer job so are ejected to prevent them from acting as sails in the high wind and bringing the tree down. They hunker down, much like we do. Dead bits fall off. But limbs will regrow to balance their structure out for optimal efficiency under the coming sun. 

Meanwhile, unseen, a super-highway of supportive and communicative fungal tendrils under the ground silently carry out their work to connect the forest as one living organism. Above ground, the trees get busy making their own anti freeze, preparing themselves in advance as the light diminishes. Apparently dormant through the harshest weather, they get ready to grow new, fresh foliage to nourish themselves once the coast is clear in Spring. 

You can see where I’m going with this, right? Most of us, if we are honest, have a sense of foreboding and “oh shit”-ness regarding the fast approaching, semi- locked down Winter here in the UK. We know, rationally, that it will pass, but suspect that by the end of January we will have had our fill of dark days, shite weather and being cooped up - whether in isolation or in close proximity to others - and will be desperate to let rip and start frolicking like a new-born lamb going nuts and playing “king of the castle”. Our attempts at Hygge will probably be full of biscuit crumbs by then at the very least.

So, how do we make like a tree? Here is my best reckon.

  • Get out in the weather, just a bit, every day. Anoraks are sexy. Trust me. You’ll appreciate the shelter of home more and your immune system will also thank you

  • Feed the birds. We need them.

  • Eat for nourishment first, pleasure second.

  • Learn how to develop your cooking from scratch skills and become a chicken stock ninja. You’ll feel so much more resourceful creating your own dishes.

  • Don’t stop moving. Dancing like a loon in the kitchen is perfectly acceptable. Move it or lose it Baby.

  • Tidy out and chuck what you cannot repair, recycle or donate. Knowing what you’ve got in your nooks and crannies is good drill. As is declobbering your energy by jettisoning stuff that no longer resonates. Also, if you own less stuff, then Spring cleaning is going to be a breeze. Yay!

  • Don’t sulk. Hibernation does not have to mean isolation. Find ways to communicate and share airspace with or download those you love or admire. 

  • Turn the dark to your advantage and get your sleep habits nailed down. Get some proper rest so you can regenerate.

  • Stay clean. Stay on top of Covid drills and your own personal routines because little things matter - to your own sense of well being, and also to everyone else’s benefit. Fly your flag with the standards you keep. Don’t preach, just keep your own corner properly and to your own satisfaction

  • Don’t forget to have a snorting good belly laugh at every opportunity you can. It doesn’t all have to be serious. Having fun is still perfectly permissible - we just have to get a bit creative to get in the mood!

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